How to Identify Genuine Levi’s Denim

Levi’s jeans offer the opportunity for self-expression. At their Tailor Shop, fans can personalize their jeans by adding embroidery, paint or patches – even sewing non-Levi’s fabric into Trucker jackets!

Check for black text detailing model/style name, waist measurement and leg measurements on the label, as well as chainstitching on hems.


From 1920s and 1930s through today, jeans were considered heavy-duty workwear. Over time however, jeans have evolved into fashion pieces – with Levi’s denim being one of the most widely available varieties on the market.

The λιβαισ 501 style jeans are the original Levi’s jean design, with two back pockets and two front pockets at the hip. Additionally, red loop stitching adds visual interest while embossing on its rear pocket tag boasts company information and year of manufacture.

The Levi’s 501 features a straight fit and is constructed of 9oz fabric that was handwoven on authentic shuttle looms to produce selvedge denim. In the 1980s, modern looms with 10x faster weaving were introduced; these replaced selvedge denim completely; thus eliminating its use by Levi’s jeans altogether. However, modern looms that could produce this style were later developed; with these modern versions replacing selvedge denim completely; selvedge jeans became obsolete until Red loop resurge line which could still be found online through AJIO among various styles of Levi’s jeans available online!


Since 1869, Levi’s has earned an esteemed place as the go-to brand for quality blue jeans that last. From presidents and movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, entrepreneurs to everyman – everybody loves Levi’s! Their slogan ‘Live in Levi’s’ proves they provide something for all who wish to stand out.

Levi’s is making great strides towards increasing growth in India’s premium denim story through its product offerings, flagship stores and advertising strategies. One example is the strong response received for their limited-edition range of LVC jackets priced over Rs 15,000 that showcase “current international fashion in jeanswear”, according to Mr Venkataramani. Levi’s 541(tm) Relaxed Fit stretch jeans for men are loose through the thigh while tapering from knee down for comfort with an all-American aesthetic – ideal with simple crewneck tees!


As a rule, jeans should only be washed sparingly to preserve their fabric quality and prevent stretching or fraying and shrinkage of frayed edges and shrinkage of pockets. Washing too frequently also weakens their shape and becomes uncomfortable over time.

Some individuals forgo washing their denim clothing altogether and prefer wearing it as is until wear and tear create a one-of-a-kind style statement. This practice is known as raw denim.

To verify if your Levi’s red loop jeans are authentic, look for features such as the red batwing logo and “Made in U.S.A.” on their Two Horse brand patch – both features indicate they were produced after 1971. Similarly, check if their lot/size no. is positioned between Levi’s logo and Red Tab (Jacron patch replaced leather patch later models), this is another indication they are genuine; in addition you could look at their outseam to determine if selvedge denim which typically features reddish edges along its outseam edges to confirm authenticity – both features indicate they were produced post-1971.


The iconic red Levi’s tab on the back pocket is an easy way to identify authentic Levi’s jeans. If yours do not feature one, they are fakes. Furthermore, look out for any “LEVI STRAUSS & CO.” logo embossed on top button or whether or not pre-shrunk (if applicable). Finally, always wash in cold water without wringing out to ensure custom fit!

Levi’s jeans seem to gain favor as they age, perhaps due to their resilience against wear-and-tear and their symbolism of independence for youth culture.