That Which Flows By

That Which Flows By is an imaginative manga full of heart, humor and magic– all the ingredients for an exciting journey to another realm. It follows Yeon, a young water mage who joins an apprentice guild to hone his abilities before setting out on various adventures across space and time.

As this enchanting tale features captivating storytelling and characters that fans love so much, it is understandable why its popularity has spread so rapidly.

The Story

With its captivating story, endearing characters, and beautiful art, It Is No Secret has amassed such an avid following. The combination of dark tone, action/suspense elements, and complex character development makes this series easy for fans to become hooked!

This fantasy manga series takes place in an enchanted world full of magic and adventure. Yeon is an innate water mage who joins Gilde – an organization where those with magical abilities can hone their abilities – but soon forms relationships with Lisesharte and Zooey who specialize in fire and earth magic respectively.

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The Characters

That Which flows by features well-crafted characters who are both engaging and fascinating. It offers adventure with magic elements as well as romance – making this book suitable for readers of all ages.

Yuri, a high school girl with the ability to see “lines of flow” that represent people’s fates, struggles with how best to use this ability for good or evil. One of her best friends, Takahiro’s fate line is often tangled up suggesting his life has been filled with misfortune and trouble.

That Which Flows By is currently available on Webtoon, an established comic hosting website. New chapters are published weekly and can be read either online or with the mobile app.

The Tone

That Which Flows By is sure to appeal to an expansive audience of manga fans. Combining supernatural elements like shadow powers with more mundane struggles of everyday life, It draws in readers from all around the globe.

Manga’s elegant visual aesthetic pairs beautifully with its story. Character designs are highly realistic, while action sequences are fluid and dynamic. Even small details such as using screentone for Mia’s shadow powers add depth to its quality as art.

Fans can access That Which Floats by on Webtoon for free and to keep up-to-date on new chapters, while KissManga, Mangakakalot and Mangasee123 provide mobile-friendly reading interfaces that ensure uninterrupted reading experience.

The Release Date

This manhwa has proven immensely popular both in Korea and the US, thanks to its emotional romance that connects deeply with readers. Over 2.9 million readers have enjoyed it on Webtoons alone! The writer skillfully delivered every romantic element so vividly that readers beg for more! A must read for anyone interested in history!

Soft Cone’s Korean manga ended in June 2024; however, no news regarding season two has been given as of yet. You can continue reading it on Webtoons until new episodes appear – the story’s worth waiting for!