4 Top Ways to Prevent The Signs of Early Aging

Numerous things become a cause of sin aging. A certain portion of those things can be controlled and the rest cannot be. The one main thing that can not be controlled is the process of natural aging. With age, we start getting lines on our faces, which makes us lose the youthfulness of our faces. The skin either starts getting excessively thinner or drier, which is mainly controlled by the genes we have. 

The process of early aging speeds up with the lifestyle we opt for and the environment we live in. However, taking early precautions and care can slow the pace of this aging process. Following the right products and steps in the skin care routine can make a huge difference. 

Here are a few tips that can help you prevent the process of early aging. 

Cosmetic Treatments for Early Aging

To deal with skin issues like sunburn, melasma, rosace, acne scars, etc., plenty of treatments including peeling, microneedling, and lasers are available. These treatments are way more effective than normal salon facials and the effects are long-term. Sometimes, picking up acne leaves permanent scars that start looking like wrinkles as you age. Therefore, never pick on acne. 

The elasticity of skin also fades away over time as you age. Botox, facelift, eyelid surgery, and laser skin resurfacing are a few cosmetic procedures available to enhance the appearance of skin and prevent early aging signs. 

Wash and Moisturize

Always start and end your day by washing your face thoroughly with a good face wash. Avoid using hot water to wash your face, instead normal lukewarm water is preferable. After washing your face, use a good moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated. No matter what skin type you have whether it’s dry or oil, the moisturizer is a must depending upon the skin type. 

Avoid excessively greasy moisturizers. Use moisturizers that feel light and absorb easily. The application of moisturizer after a good face-washing activity stimulates the circulation of blood and the generation of new cells that help in maintaining the youth of the skin.   

SPF Is a Must 

To protect your skin with good sunscreen, whether you go out of the house in the sun or not is a must. Try using sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. It makes your skin smooth, and supple and prevents the sun’s dangerous rays from penetrating your skin. It also helps avoid discoloration, age spots, and sun damage. 

Use a sunscreen that is fragrance-free, paraben-free, and contains antioxidants that safeguard the collagen of your skin. Avoid sunscreens that dry out your skin or have a white texture to it.  

Daily Use of Retinoids

As we age, our body’s skin, mainly the face, begins losing collagen, a protein that is meant to keep the skin smooth and tight. The loss of collagen not only makes our face look droopy but visible lines also appear which give a creased look. 

As per dermatologists, the use of retinoids is the main life of defense. It can help maintain youthful skin by preventing lines and wrinkles on the face. Use it overnight but in a pea-sized amount. The best version of retinoids is Vitamin A.