Philosophy Option by Tanu Jain Mam at Tathastu ICS

Philosophy Optional by Tanu Jain Mam at Tathastu ICS provides the BA+UPSC course. Designed to give candidates a solid foundation, the program includes lecture notes, practice tests, and personal attention from its staff.

Selecting an optional subject in preparation for a civil services examination can be a critical decision. Tathastu ICS assists civil services exam aspirants by offering guidance and support during this decision-making process.

Study Material

Philosophy is an intellectual inquiry into fundamental questions about our world, god, soul, religion, morality and knowledge. Philosophers use reasoning, critical thinking and systematic analysis to develop logical answers for complex concepts like justice equality freedom etc. They study prominent thinkers’ ideas to try and understand how their ideas have shaped and continue to shape world religion society and culture.

Tathastu ICS provides students with high-quality study material and offers effective teaching styles and methods of lecturing, as well as offering a range of extracurricular activities that can help prepare them for exams and increase their chance of success.

Selecting an optional subject for mains examination can be a difficult decision for aspirants, but Tathastu ICS provides assistance throughout this process. They offer various resources including lecture notes and supplementary questions to aid candidates in choosing what would best advance their civil service careers.

Tanu Jain Mam was the 2014 UPSC topper from Uttar Pradesh. She earned rank 501 and was chosen for the Armed Forces Headquarter Service group B service. A doctor by trade, she completed her MBBS at Subharti Medical College Meerut and became famous online as an interviewer at Drishti IAS coaching institute. Soon, she started her own IAS institute in Delhi, by name Tathastu ICS. 

Mock Tests

Attaining success on an International Baccalaureate (IB) Philosophy exam requires both skills and strategies. Structuring answers, understanding a question’s context and creating logical arguments are all integral parts of successful preparation for such exams. Furthermore, familiarizing yourself with IB exam format and knowing how many points you require to pass can also prove helpful in terms of scoring high on this type of examination.

Online resources can be an invaluable aid to students studying for the IB Philosophy exam, ranging from academic research and blogs/podcasts/forums/communities. Teachers may provide invaluable preparation advice or insight into which questions may appear on test day.

Students attempting the IB Philosophy examination need effective study techniques and test anxiety management strategies in place in order to succeed on this exam. By employing such approaches, they can quickly and efficiently learn material more rapidly while improving performance on test day. Furthermore, they should practice analyzing arguments and using critical thinking when preparing for their examination – this way creating a firm foundation of knowledge which will aid their future assessments.

Personal Attention

Tathastu’s course can serve as your companion in your pursuit of UPSC success, from beginner to veteran exam taker. Their courses provide study material (textbooks and extra notes), lectures that keep you on track, and practice tests that help identify changes to UPSC exam patterns.

Mentorship and doubt-clearing sessions ensure personalized attention from Dr. Tanu Jain herself; you’ll benefit from her coaching of students of her Sure 100 batch for one-on-one guidance and specific feedback on test performances. They’ll also keep you up to speed with current affairs through regular updates and discussions – meaning you’ll feel ready to ace the interview stage confidently!


Philosophy can help us explore questions of meaning, value and purpose while developing skills such as reasoning, critical thinking and systematic analysis that can be useful in many other fields. Philosophy also trains us to understand others’ ideas and arguments – making it an integral component of studies in religion, politics, science and society.

Philosophy majors provide excellent training for careers in education, social work, business, law, religion or government. Many students also opt to double major with Psychology, History Theater Microbiology Political Science in order to develop more advanced expertise across multiple domains.

The Ethics and Law Option offers students a focused study on philosophical questions in law, ethics, social and political theory as well as everyday life. It is particularly suitable for students planning future educational work in law or related professional fields like medicine/healthcare/business management/journalism or science.

Tathastu ICS provides personalized guidance for its Sure 100 batches through mentors and Dr. Tanu Jain herself, including individual doubt-clearing sessions, one-on-one mentoring, personal feedback on test performance and current affairs discussion updates; regular updates regarding current affairs with analysis and discussions; as well as mock interviews to help prepare them for interviews while receiving personalized feedback on performance.